Bibles & Other Weapons

The Bible is a dangerous book.

When you dare to open its pages and read it alongside the evening news, it changes your perspective. But that’s not all. If you go so far as to believe what it says about Israel, you risk seeing every conversation you have on that topic heat up into something even more controversial than usual.

Because when it comes to how the Bible views Israel, everything’s spelled out in black and white. And since most people don’t read the Bible, this adds fuel to the fire for those who do.

This week we saw the leader of Hamas vow that he and his followers will never recognize Israel’s right to exist, which isn’t great news if you’re living in Israel. Rather than being intimidated by this though, we need to realize that, in saying that, Hamas positioned itself directly opposite Scripture—and its description of Israel’s place in history. So now we have an enemy on the one hand, disapproving of Israel and the Bible … while on the other hand we have the G_d of the Bible Himself who made a covenant with Israel, stating in no uncertain terms that He will never—under any circumstances—break that covenant  . Faced with such conflicting messages, who are you going to believe?

Evidence suggests a growing number of evangelicals now believe Ha Shem meant what He said.

Can there be any question that we’re seeing Christians rethink their stance on Mid-East issues? With more ministries, organizations and teams rising up every day as it seems, we’re witnessing a new wave of support for Israel in every way imaginable: financial, political, through the media and more. Suddenly Holocaust survivors are being cared for, homes being repaired or built from scratch, language classes taught to immigrants, school supplies distributed, playgrounds built, groceries provided and other initiatives too many to mention.

But why?

After centuries of hostility and hatred, crusades and forced conversions, why would these things be happening now? What would account for this new relationship between Jews and Christians? Is it possible today’s evangelicals may be doing something few Christians did in the past? Opening the Hebrew Bible with open minds, reading the words just as written and allowing former biases to be turned upside down?

Incredibly, this phenomenen isn’t restricted to church people. We’re seeing something unprecedented in the Islamic world too. Story after story is reaching us now of Muslims who have had their worlds rocked and hearts changed by the Hebrew Scriptures. So much so that they they have chosen to step away from the violence and jihad they’ve been brought up with and have instead taken a bold stand as friends and defenders of Israel.

To quote from the New Testament, The Word of God is swift and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword.

Looking at it from that perspective, it’s safe to say the Hebrew Tanakh may be one of Israel’s most powerful weapons.

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