Flotilla Falsehoods: Seeing Is Believing, unless You are Looking at Israel

Did you hear the news? Israel dismissed all charges against its navy in last May’s flotilla incident. Turns out it was a cut-and-dry case: Israeli men boarding a non-compliant vessel, welcomed by activists intending the maximum possible damage, reacting in self-defense.

I actually believed it was true the first time I saw it. People often accuse me of being biased, but watching the footage was what did it for me. It was the video filmed by an IDF naval boat that convinced me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LulDJh4fWI

But that’s just me.

I keep forgetting that when we’re talking about Israel, the general presumption is: “Guilty although proven innocent.”

So when an organization known as ICEJ (International Christan Embassy Jerusalem) came out with still more video evidencing Israel’s innocence, imagine my relief! Now no one would have any more questions. You can’t argue with cameras, after all. And here was yet another live-witness film clip showing how it happened, disproving media hysteria and all those far-reaching conclusions. I would do my part by sending it to my friends, they’d forward it to their friends and so on, and so on and … Well, people would finally understand what went wrong. End of story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bEoMEdbRe0

But again, I keep forgetting.

This week I saw a report http://thejewishnewsplace.com/world-news/newsvideos/26222-israel-clears-navy-in-ship-raid.html highlighting the findings of the “Public Commission to Examine the Maritime Incident of 31 May 2010,” headed by Supreme Court Judge, Yaakov Terkel. Faced with overwhelming evidence, the Commission found the IDF Navy had told the truth. In an official statement the Israeli inquiry “clears the government and military of any wrongdoing,” stating that the “imposition of the naval blockade over the Gaza strip was lawful and complies with international law.” And so, all charges have been dropped.

Watching Wall Street Journal’s report, I felt that feeling again … hope … optimism … you know, that Polyanna feeling. It could really happen this time. All the innuendos, fabrications and condemnations of Israel would come undone since they’d been built on lies and the lies were now liquidated. People would realize they’d been manipulated like puppets and that would be the end of that.

I was sitting there thinking those happy thoughts when the report knocked me upside the head and landed me back on earth. Because, not letting truth go unchallenged, the Journal jumped from Israel’s innocence in the flotilla debacle to the reaction of Turkey’s Prime Minister.

This report was ordered. Do you think a report that had been written in that country would be valuable? In a report written in Geneva it was stated that this was an ingnominious and violent incident that took place in international waters.

And then, lest we missed the point that Genevans know more about Israel than Israel does, he spelled it out more clearly for us:

This report has no value and credibility for me.”

And I guess he’s right. No report, no matter how factual or well-documented, would make any difference.

That’s just the way it is sometimes I guess.


*Published on thejewishnewsplace.com


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