JESUS IS PALESTINIAN? – So Says Toronto Star


Serious thanks today – to Honest Reporting – for blowing the horn on the Toronto Star and its fraudulent claim.

They’re telling us now that Jesus (the Jew) is a Palestinian —  I mean, seriously??? It makes me wonder what they’ll be expecting us to believe next.

As the HR write-up sums it up so beautifully (read: disturbingly):

The notorious Nazi Joseph Goebbels once said “if you tell a lie

often enough, and keep repeating it, people will believe you.”

This is precisely what these revisionists are counting on.

You can read Honest Reporting’s report here …

And you’ll find my response to Ken Gallinger’s article below.

**Once you’ve finished reading, can I encourage you to consider whether it’s worth your time contacting the editor yourself? Contact info is given in the Honest Reporting article.**

Dear Editor,

I’m responding to Ken Gallinger’s recent article, “Are Good Christians More Racist?”

Ken is, of course, entitled to his opinion of Christians, whether I happen to agree with him or not. Freedom of speech gives him the right to poke fun at believers if that’s what he really wants to do, or if it gains him more readership.

On the other hand, twisting historically-documented facts is going a bit far, I think.

Please ask Ken to read his Bible if he has one, to determine what nationality Jesus truly belonged to. He’ll see that Jesus’ bloodline is clearly spelled out in two different genealogies (different because one is that of his mother and one of his earthly father), in Matthew and in Luke, #1 and #3 “books” found in the New Testament.



To make it even easier for Ken to check his facts, he could click on these links to read these Bible passages for himself. And a few questions he might want to answer are these:

1) Which nation of the world claims Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as their own blood and founding fathers? That nation will be the one Jesus belonged to, if these passages are correct. (Trust me, Palestinians don’t consider themselves sons of Isaac.)

2) Do the Palestinians claim that Judah, Solomon or David were themselves Palestinians – these being just three of the many forefathers listed in both genealogies? (If they did, why would they now be denying the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is built upon the archeological remains of Solomon’s temple – as Bible records state?)

3) When were the Palestinian people exiled to Babylon – as both these Scripture sources testify happened to Jesus’ forefathers?*

*This is especially hard to answer as there is absolutely NO written record of an autonomous Palestinian nation before the 20th Century – or since then; no Palestinian king/prime minister/president ever mentioned in history books; and since no Palestinian currency has been found by archeologists – ever.

Can I recommend, with all due respect, that Ken may want to rethink (and recant) his position on Jesus as a Palestinian? Unless of course he can back up his claim by quoting his sources.

I don’t blame Ken too harshly for making the same mistake many Christians are making today as well, falling for this kind of revisionist history and believing the lies coming out of a newly-created people group now claiming Israel belongs to them.

It would be a wonderful thing if Ken took the time to correct those Christians who, for some reason, are believing Palestinian rhetoric  more than they believe their own Bibles!

Thanks for taking time to address this error.


Shari Menzel

PS In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not Jewish. But I do know that Jesus is.


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