Response to Christian Criticism* of Israel

Dear Dave,bible234

Can I beg you to reconsider your position?

Have you read the Bible, what God has to say about whose land it is? Or all those passages guaranteeing He will return Israel to its land? Or Genesis 12:3 promising to bless those who bless her and curse those who speak against her?

Would you not have to call God a Zionist then, since these are His particular people, chosen for no reason other than He wanted to, and chosen for this land that He says is theirs? – And chosen to be regathered into that land – by His command – before the end comes?

Have you read the verses condemning anyone who divides His land?

Have you read Zechariah 12 – re whose side the Lord fights on at last?

Have you read Ezekiel 36, 37, and 38 – re what happens to Israel’s enemies?

Do you not believe Israel has the right to exist peacefully in the land God gave her and promised to re-give her?

Are you choosing to stand against the only democracy in the Middle East?

Do you know how the story ends?


* Written in response to this post


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