By Shari Menzel

Is there any vacation like an all-inclusive stay at a nice resort?  In my opinion, nothing else is quite like it – a beautiful environment,  all the food you want, all the relaxation you need and none of your regular stress. What could be better?

It occurred to me recently that the Lord may have had that kind of rest in mind for His people when He designed the Sabbath.  His plan was for His people to be refreshed, refueled and reenergized by having one day out of seven as a down day.  His people must have been especially excited about God’s desire that they have a 24-hour holiday every week!

Think about how it happens even today.  In Jewish homes around the world, the Sabbath is a special day that everyone looks forward to and plans for.  Homemakers in particular focus on it, making sure everything is prepared in time for Friday evening.

Imagine having three square meals and the day’s snacks prepared the day before the Sabbath  so that you can have that one day of the week as a mini-vacation?  Just as with an all-inclusive resort, you have meals available whenever you want and with no preparation required.  And all your chores have been completed ahead of time, so that on that one day of the week – every week – you can have a full day off?

I know some people resist the idea of keeping Shabbat – viewing it as a hardship or something that is enforced.   Some feel they don’t need to keep the Sabbath because Jesus is our Sabbath rest.

For those people, I have just two questions.

First, why – with all the hurry, busy-ness and connectedness we’re all caught up in these days – why would a day off be considered a negative?  A day of rest each week – no matter on which day you are able to rest – is a blessing!

And then, just to help them visualize a true day off, I might ask:  Have you ever had an all-inclusive vacation?


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