Whose Side Are You On?

Bible PHOTO 2What could be more tragic than being called a follower of the God of the Bible (or a Christian) while at the same time taking an unflinching stand AGAINST what’s been clearly written in the Bible?

Unfortunately, this is what’s happening right now, with many believers you and I know.

A statement I read this morning jumped off the page and clobbered my heart with its brutal truth:

Although God has promised this land to His people over 200 times  in the Bible, the world – and much of the Church – disagrees with Him.(1)

Now let’s be honest, the Bible is a big Book. Can we even say for sure where the Lord stands on the issue of the land of Israel? (For a more complete answer to that, you can Google “land covenant Bible” to see what the Bible says, but for the sake of time we’ll just look at Joel 3:2.)

I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land. 

This is the LORD speaking. He WILL judge all nations for what they’ve done to the land He considers His own. He said so. The words He used make His thoughts on the subject pretty clear. So with that statement of His out in the open, how is there room for disagreement among Bible-followers? Hasn’t the Lord given it it to us straight?

I believe we’re in a situation where more and more individuals inside church walls choose not to take the Bible literally. If they don’t like something Scripture says, they believe they have the option of reinterpreting what it really meant, as though they themselves have the final say on the matter.

And if the Bible can be read to mean whatever they want and doesn’t have to be understood as saying what it says, where does that leave the rest of us?

Right about where we are now, is my guess.

And this brings you and me to the next question.

While none of us should be surprised when Obama, the UN or other global forces line up against God’s stated plan for “the Holy Land” – we’ve read the Book enough to know God has a way of dealing with His enemies after all! – what exactly should we expect when His family members do the same thing, take the same stand against Him?

When it’s people saying they love Him who are digging themselves deep into enemy trenches, what happens then?

When believers DON’T believe what God says about His land … when they denounce and ridicule believers who do … when they condemn Israel for defending herself … or when they lobby for God’s land to be ripped away from the ones He gave it to … what then?

I honestly believe these are brothers and sisters bought by Jesus’ blood-sacrifice just like any of us, who don’t see that Satan’s taking one last shot at Israel to try to stop God from keeping every promise He made to her.

Brothers and sisters who don’t realize that the enemy will happily use them as much as they let him.

There are other believers watching events unfold on the world-scene and inside the the church, who are concerned and can’t help wondering:

What will the Lord do when His own children get in His way?

(1) Courtesy of Intercessors For Israel, Friday Prayer Points, July 24, 2015


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