Why Am I Doing This?

For me it’s about exposing as many anti-Israel lies as I can, and highlighting God’s promises to His people.

Too many people inside Christian circles have forgotten, or have never read for themselves, what the Bible actually says about Israel, the land and the people.

– That God has given specific land to a specific people

– That God made an unbreakable, eternal covenant with one specific people group

– That in the end, His plans are to defend that nation and save it for Himself (Zech 12,13; Ezek 36-38, Jer 31, etc.)

– That anyone taking a stand against this particular people group is taking a stand against God Himself (Gen 12:1-3)


Biblical literacy almost seems to be at an all-time low as unprecedented numbers of supposed Christians are lining themselves up on the enemy’s side and taking shots at Israel.

Anti-Zionism is more than not wanting Jewish people to live in Israel. It breaks down to not wanting Jewish people to have a place to live, meaning it’s nothing more than anti-Semitism. And anti-Semitism is hating the ones God promised He would never break covenant with.


So my mission here has two sides to it:

1. For the sake of Christians swayed by public opinion, to remind them where God stands on these issues

2. For the sake of Jewish friends wondering why some Christians are Israel’s best friends and other Christians boycott and hate Israel, to help them figure out who is and who isn’t following the true faith, as laid out in the Bible.





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